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Director James Cameron recently became the 3rd human in history to explore firsthand the nebulous depths of the Mariana Trench.  Despite the hope that he might encounter creatures strange and terrifying, what he found instead was a mostly barren landscape populated only by tiny, harmless, shrimp-like beings.

It may be that we can’t actually will sea monsters and the like into existence, but Pop. 1280’s The Horror is a product of the same kind of twisted imagination that wishes that we could.  And like the alien forms that still may lurk undiscovered in some murky crevasse, the album is a lot for the senses to swallow.  Released early this year by the numinous sounding Sacred Bones Records, The Horror plays like a collage of scenes torn from the middle of 11 different stories, the genre of these stories ranging from violent and psychotic murder mystery to fascist-run post-apocalyptic depiction of a dystopian future.  These scenes are set to waves of unrelenting bone-dry industrial distortion, and primitive sounding beats that are short, simple and repetitive.  This is a group unafraid to see its blend of punk and metal to it’s brutal, heterophonic conclusion.