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Adelyn Rose released Mezzanine, their first full length earlier this month and their reverberations are still creating ripples in the state’s seismography, causing minor geologic disturbances, effecting most severely (for some reason) a rural area about 40 miles west of Green bay know as Clintonville.

“Never Get Tired” is a centerpiece of the album, and not just because it’s catchy and located snugly within the record’s midsection.  The song also bears within its lyrics the album’s name sake.  The title “Mezzanine” – if its meaning is to be taken as a kind of middle floor that is off the ground yet not high enough to constitute a new story – suggests that one of the records themes is uncertainty about our place in the grand scheme of things.   This uncertainty is reflected in the harmony in the first half of the verse, which wavers indecisively between the major and minor mode of a single chord, perturbing the mood while allowing no movement.  The half of the verse plays as opposite to these periods of stagnation, as the beat kicks in and the harmony becomes more mobile.  The song draws a lot of its energy by cycling through the two dynamics (mobility and stagnation.)

Addie Strei sings with pristine detachment throughout, her voice – that of a jazz singer stripped of ornamentations – reporting on these troubling landscapes from a place of calm.

This track is available for free on their bandcamp page.